Thursday, August 27, 2009


I love to read. I do it when the time presents itself with nothing that requires my attention. When I read I feel I am in a different world. I imagine my self as the character in the book and feel like I can feel what they feel. I love Historical romance novels because history is full of exciting events and with romance you know there is going to be a guy liking a girl so what could be better than a book with lots of history and romance. I want to be able to write a great novel like the authors do. The ideas work together like I want them to. They seem like a jumbled mess that no one would understand. I love the ideas that I get writing. They help me imagine what I would like my world to be like if it were perfect. When you write a story of any kind you have the power to influence the reader. You never know how your writing could effect some ones mood. I want to be a writer so that I can influence the world and deal with the fact that life is not perfect it can help me deal with my stress of everyday life by being the character I am writing about. I once heard from a movie that "a writer is only as good as his own experiences." I would like to change that and say "a writer is only as good as there imagination." If you can imagine it then you can write it.
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