Friday, September 25, 2009


She was running, and running. The goal was close in sight shining shimmering full of light. She could her labored breathing of her attacker. She could keep this pace up as long as she felt like flying through the midnight grass. The ball was wiring in the grass so soft and peaceful that you could just barley hear it go. Then she was falling, falling hard and fast with nothing to stop her. How could this happen. She had been in the mode ready to kick and then she was on the ground clutching her leg and moaning, wondering why this had to happen to her. Everyone was racing on to the field and the world blacked out. She could remember no more and then she was gone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


(Inside an automobile. Night. A steady rain. The windshield wipers squeak faintly, back and forth, back and forth. The dashboard lights glow a dim green. The driver's face, damp from the rain, is illuminated by them. It is warm and cozy inside, in contrast to the cold, wet conditions outside. The bucket seats are soft. You are in the front seat, next to the driver. Outside, through heavy sheets of rain, you can observe the countryside passing by in the dark--rural farmland. On the radio, a station is playing a country song that keeps fading in and out, with an increasing amount of static and dead air. The driver turns to you as if to say something, but then looks back to the road, and remains silent. What do you say?)

Kathy: Where are we going?
Brent: I don’t know after we left the restaurant I must have make a wrong turn.
Kathy: I have never seen this area before.
Brent: I know. I think there are lights up ahead.
Kathy: I can’t see anything. I think you are imaging things.
Brent: They are very faint but they are defiantly there.
Kathy: How long do you think we have been driving?
Brent: a couple of hours
Kathy: When do you suppose we will get home?
Brent: Not for a while.
Kathy: How many hours do we have left?
Brent: I don’t know. I’ve never measured.
Kathy: I though you had never seen this road before.
Brent: The road changes every time you drive on it. It is never the same view.
Kathy: I want to know where you are taking me
Brent: Can’t. That’s classified information.
Kathy: Why Does it mean you don’t trust me enough to tell me where I am goin?
Brent: No
Kathy: I am going to get out and walk back the way I came.
Brent: I wouldn’t do that.
Kathy: Why?
Brent: Dangerous things afoot
Kathy: I don’t trust some one who will go driving off into nowhere with me and not tell me where we are going.
Brent: I think you should for your own safety.
Kathy: I can’t trust someone who lies. I think I’ll leave.
Brent: I’ve never lied to you.You’ll walk for hours and never get away. We also passed through a gate that you couldn’t see in the down pour of the moment you would also get lost in the massive area that we have covered tonight.
Kathy: Why do I feel that this car ride talk is a threat?
Brent: Because you are refusing to trust me.
Kathy: Why should I trust some who plays with my affections then is driving to some unknown place that is taking hours to get to and won’t tell me what or where it is?
Brent: Because of this.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st page of story


Have you ever experienced a life changing event? Something happened this summer that would affect two people who would go to school together. Their names were Rebecca and more informally know as Becca. Becca has lived in town of Idaho Falls all her life. Becca is a caring, beautiful and smart. Then there is the second person. His name is Matthew. Everyone calls him Matt except his mom. They moved to Idaho Falls over the summer. Matt was a average jock who had a smart brain on his shoulders. They could not know the effect that there meeting would have on each other and their friends. They lived just far enough away that they would not get to know each other until school started. Their groups had been fighting for the longest time ever. One could only speculate the sparks that would fly at school and church with these two people meeting. Some may see it as good others may see it as bad. One just needs to believe in fairy tales and have hope that this story would have a happy ending.