Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hero's Journey: Inkheart

This Movie is about a girl named Meggie and her father Mo. Their Journeys are intertwined mixing with what parts they share.

(Ordinary world)They start out driving to a book store to fix some books and look for a book that is very important to Mo. Meggie has no idea what the book is. She stays outside the book shop looking at a seller’s cart. She meets a funny little animal with horns and feeds it. Then when she tries to rub it, it bites her fingers. Then the owner shows up and warns her. Meggie makes a comment saying that it is not good to talk to strangers. (The Call)He says he is no stranger and it has been a while since he has seen her. Then Mo comes out of the shop and just stares at them then tells Meggie to get in the car. Dustfinger asks for Mo to read him back into the book mo respond with saying he doesn’t know how. (The Refusal of Call)Then he runs away from Dustfinger and leaves him behind. (Meet the mentor)They go to visit Aunt Eleanor to get away from Dustfinger. She collects tons of books. Meggie goes in her forbidden library to look. Eleanor comes in and gets mad. Then she calms down and tells Meggie about her Mom and her favorite reading spot. Then she gives Meggie her mom’s copy of Wizard of Oz. Meggie reads all the way into night. (Crossing the threshold)Then Dustfinger shows up and says he went to Capricorn. Capricorns men ruin the library. Then Meggie asks who all they all are and who Capricorn is. Then Dustfinger asks her if Mo has ever read to her out loud. They drag them out to the car and Meggie reaches for Wizard of Oz, Dustfinger pulls it out for her and she won’t take it so he puts it in his pocket. They go to Capricorns Village. In their confinement Mo tell them the story of how Meggie’s Mom disappears and Dustfinger, Basta, Capricorn came out of the book. (Approach)They get dragged to meet Capricorn and he has them read treasure out of the book. There is a boy that also comes out of the book. They get taken back to their confinement. Dustfinger tries to rescue the copy of Inkheart that Mo had and burns his hands. One of the maids in chains named Resa helps him. He finds out that she is Mo’s wife. (Ordeal)Then Gwinn, a marten with horns, Steels the key to get Resa out of confinement of her chains. He takes her the key. While Dustfinger has gone down to the confinement and show Mo and the others a way out. Mo reads the storm out of Wizard of Oz and they escape the village. The maid Resa is left behind though. (Reward) They go to the author of Inkheart village and find a copy that he has that is an original manuscript. (The road back) Mo and Dustfinger go to rescue Resa out of the Village. Since they are rescuing Resa, Mo agrees to read Dustfinger back. Dustfinger tells Mo about Resa and that she has no voice. In the village they get spotted and have to hurry Dustfinger gets taken. Back at the authors house Meggie reads aloud from Wizard of Oz and Toto comes out. Then Basta comes and takes Meggie back with him and with knowledge that she is a silver tongue. The author also got taken. Capricorn decides to have Meggie read the Shadow out. He uses Meggie’s mother Resa as leverage over her. In their Confinement the author tries to rewrite the end. He finally decides to on the rewrite and Magpie comes to put Meggie in a Party Frock. Mo, Dustfinger, and Farid have a plan of how to get Meggie back with some decoy. They take gasoline and light the Castle on fire. By then the Shadow was out of the book and Meggie had started reading the new ending. It is then taken from her. She has to be a bystander for a while. (Resurrection)Then her father throws her a pen and she rewrites the ending with Capricorn and his men blowing away and all the other animals and people going back to their books. Dustfinger misses it but then Mo reads him back in. (Return with Elixir) Farid stays behind to live with Meggie, Mo, and Resa. They Return to their lives with knowledge of what they can do and a happy family.

Hero: Meggie, Mo

Mentor: Eleanor

Trickster: Dustfinger

Shadow is the Shadow

Herald: Dustfinger

Shapeshifter: Capricorn

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A gift I'd like to draft

I was walking home one night and I looked in on a family. They were so smiling and happy. They had something we have all wanted. It seemed to make life more bearable and there was always someone there to help them with their struggles. Then it came to me they were showing love to each other. The gift of love is something that brings peace and we need to start sharing it with those around us.

Your family is always there to support and help you. We can’t ignore the importance they are in our lives. We need to remember that we can’t let an argument get in the middle of the love our family may share. When we show love we have a feeling of peace and happiness enters the room. The love that is shared in a family is a special kind of love that we must be cherished through the ages. The love that you can feel for a new born baby is so special because they are only small once and they are a fresh spirit from Heavenly Father. Finding love in your family is the most important kind of love but there are also other people you can love.

A friend is someone that needs love. We must remember that no one is above or below us and everyone can be our friend. A friend is not only a human being it is also an animal. Many people say a dog is a man’s best friend. When we cuddle with a new little puppy we can feel of love of a new little friend. A puppy is a best friend because they are such a happy joyful spirit and ready to share their love. We must share our love with them and give them praise and support. By showing love with animals as well as people are hearts will expand.

When we share love with those are around us whether they are on two feet or four feet. The gift of love is something very precious. We must use it wisely and share it with everyone. Love is something that is cherished and something special between family members, friends, and pets. This gift is so beautiful because you can always make more of it for any new person of pet that you meet in your life time. As we develop new love we will feel completeness in our lives that can’t be replace as anything else.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A gift I'd like to give.........

There are many things in the world that you can give as a gift. Some are more tangible than others. The most important gift in the world is love. I would give the gift of love to many people. I would give it to the whole world, though that is not something that is within reason. The gift of love is so important that you should start by giving it to you family, then you can move on and give it to your friends, and last of all you need to give it to your enemies. Giving the gift of love starts right at this moment.

Your family is a very important part of your life. You can’t ignore them. They are a part of everything you do. You may try to separate yourself from them but you still have to traits of belonging to that family. You must love them and give them that gift of love first before you start giving it to other people. If you can’t love you families then you don’t have the ability to love others. Once you have understood the path of love you must have for your family then you can move on and learn how to truly love you friends.

A friend is someone you can count on. The reason you can count on them is because you love each other. By loving it opens all new possibilities. When you can love a friend it opens you mind to the people all around you. When love is shown it is the gateway to new trust. You must believe in the power you have as friends when you love each other. When you love a friend you will be with them when they are happy and also when they are sad. You will support them in whatever they do. That is w a way that you can show love to a friend and make wonders happen. There is also one last person who you must love and they can become a friend in time but they aren’t now.

An enemy is the last person you must give the gift of love. This may well be the hardest person for you to love. Your friends and family are very easy because you already like them but that is not the same way with an enemy .This person has probably hurt you in some way. It will be hard to get past differences and forgive then love them. You must work the hardest to give them these gifts of love that you have given to the other people you know. There are many things that you can lose out on in life if you choose not to love you enemies and to always hold them there in a dark part of your heart. It will make it really difficult to love others because you can't love the one person who you most need to love. Once you can love them you have completed a very an amazing thing that will bless your life.

The gift of love is something very precious. You must use it wisely. If this gift is not used wisely then you can have a very bad ending. Love is something that is cherished and something special between two family member, or two friends, or even two enemies. Once we learn this gift. Then we can move to share it with the world, though, it is a very daunting task. We can focus more on the people we do know and people we meet if. If we have a goal of sharing it with the world it can blow-up in our face because we are too overwhelmed with the task we put ourselves to. We must just remember that love is something special that we are blessed with.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poem 3: Love


Beautiful and dripping
the puddles are huge
rain is a falling
the droplets are
lets go dance
lets go run
lets sing
rain is dripping
down my face
I love rain

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poem 2: Life Story


Califorina is beautiful
Utah is different
School happens
Summer hapens
Family is there
Books have life stories
Family makes a life story
Religion is to shape you
Pain is to push through
The experince that makes you
Ending the day with Alegria

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Remember California

I remember the big tree
Green and leafy
I remember the big hill
It was in our backyard
We never climbed to the top
It was over run with dead weeds
And perhaps a few toys and plants
I remember Knob Hill Elementary
I went there for kindergarten and first grade
I remember coloring a piece of paper
They made of quilt for my teacher of all the class pictures
I remember my elementary librarian
She didn’t have one hand
I remember the red line
We weren’t suppose to pass it
I remember my first fire drill
I was after school with my mom and a teacher
I remember the park behind my school
I remember going to Sea World on a field trip
The Bright sunshine
The t-shirts we got to wear the said K-1
I remember my grandma’s house
We liked to pick slugs out of her front flower beds
They were put in sand buckets
I remember stage coach park
The best part was the huge state coach
Then they got rid of it
It must have been to dangerous
I remember the end of first grade
I remember my dad was no longer in California
I remember have the end of year party at the park
We had lots of fun
That was the last I saw of any of my classmates
They moved on and went to Knob Hill Elementary
And then I moved to Utah

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Journal Entry

The Women in Black (#13)

“Why? Why did you have to take him from me?” She is feeling as though all her problems before this are nothing to what she is going through right now. She can’t believe that the person most important in the world to her is gone. As if in a Flash she remembers that horrible night in which everything happened. That one day that changed her life forever.

The sea was rolling. The Captain had been predicting the storm for days. It was slow in coming though. The all to suddenly the sea was rolling. The waves were huge as if there were monsters roaring out of the sea. The sky blackened over and then the rain came pelting down. The top deck was the worst place to be and the ship was in utter chaos. She and her husband were going to the New World to escape religious persecution. Everyone was dripping in sea water. They were hurrying across deck as fast as they could so they could get down the hatch. She was going down in the hatch as fast as she possibly could. Then a wave struck the side of the ship throwing her husband over board and her onto the uncomfortable floor of the bottom of the ship. Then she blacked out.

She awoke the next morning in a daze climbing up to the deck. The sky was peaceful. There was not an angry cloud in sight. She dissolved in tears thinking of what she had lost. She had lost the last person who cared about her to the sea last night. She had no family in England that would take her in. Her parent had disowned her because she had married a man that she loves and not some rich wealthy Englishman who was the social status her parents wanted. The memory dissolves.

She is back on the beach kneeling on the ground crying. There is nothing that can bring her husband back from the sea. She must come to terms with that and work her own way through life. She can’t become some weak little women who won’t stand up for herself.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Impulse 2

A busy coffee shop in Paris, France. An afternoon on a winter weekend. We hear the clatter of dishes and cups being cleared. It is cold outside and the windows have steamed over: inside it is warm, a little too warm, steamy and muggy. Coats and sweaters and scarves are draped over the back of chairs and booths, and hang from hooks on the wall. Puddles of dirty water have formed under the tables- the drippings from shoes. Two people are sitting at a table by a window. One of them studies the menu. The other person does not look at the menu. Finally, the person looking at the menu speaks. What does this person say?

1 is the girl, 2 is the boy

1-Don’t even think about lying to me?
2-How did you know I was going to say anything?
1-I know more than I let on to.
2-Can we please just get back to what we came here for.
1-How is your hot chocolate?
2-Really we need to discus the information that we found it could be really ground breaking.
1-Just remember when in Rome do as the Romans do.
2-We’re in Paris!
1- What did you find on your mission?
2-I found that they go every day
1-That guy over there is working for the enemy he is going to try and thwart our plans.
2- How do they know we are here?
1-They are going to have our hotel surrounded tonight.
2- We are going to have to disappear in plain sight.
1 -HE knows we are here but not who we are.
2 -Should we leave separately?
1- no, he doesn’t have any back up close they are all at the building in question
2- A couple leaving a coffee shop should not be anything strange
1 -true there are tons of couple here in Paris
2- I wish that we could spend one hour with out your mind finding some one who is against us. It really stinks.
1- We really need to go. Do you have you disguise ready?
2- Yes, how ‘bout you?
1- Remember we need to be quiet on the street and only speak French in case anyone can hear us.
2- What is the status on suspected?
1- He is receiving more information and what to do back up will be here in 30 minutes!
2 -Ejecting now?
1- Yes, remember to speak French you nearly got us caught last night. There was someone who heard.
2 -okay
1 -we aren’t in the tourist portion of Paris so we need to really be as much like the French as possible. Ready?
2- go
1- Avez-vous apprécié votre chocolat Felix? (Did you enjoy you chocolate Felix?)
2-Adelaide, J'aime passer du temps avec vous plus que le chocolat!( Adelaide, I enjoy spending time with you more than the chocolate!)

Friday, September 25, 2009


She was running, and running. The goal was close in sight shining shimmering full of light. She could her labored breathing of her attacker. She could keep this pace up as long as she felt like flying through the midnight grass. The ball was wiring in the grass so soft and peaceful that you could just barley hear it go. Then she was falling, falling hard and fast with nothing to stop her. How could this happen. She had been in the mode ready to kick and then she was on the ground clutching her leg and moaning, wondering why this had to happen to her. Everyone was racing on to the field and the world blacked out. She could remember no more and then she was gone.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


(Inside an automobile. Night. A steady rain. The windshield wipers squeak faintly, back and forth, back and forth. The dashboard lights glow a dim green. The driver's face, damp from the rain, is illuminated by them. It is warm and cozy inside, in contrast to the cold, wet conditions outside. The bucket seats are soft. You are in the front seat, next to the driver. Outside, through heavy sheets of rain, you can observe the countryside passing by in the dark--rural farmland. On the radio, a station is playing a country song that keeps fading in and out, with an increasing amount of static and dead air. The driver turns to you as if to say something, but then looks back to the road, and remains silent. What do you say?)

Kathy: Where are we going?
Brent: I don’t know after we left the restaurant I must have make a wrong turn.
Kathy: I have never seen this area before.
Brent: I know. I think there are lights up ahead.
Kathy: I can’t see anything. I think you are imaging things.
Brent: They are very faint but they are defiantly there.
Kathy: How long do you think we have been driving?
Brent: a couple of hours
Kathy: When do you suppose we will get home?
Brent: Not for a while.
Kathy: How many hours do we have left?
Brent: I don’t know. I’ve never measured.
Kathy: I though you had never seen this road before.
Brent: The road changes every time you drive on it. It is never the same view.
Kathy: I want to know where you are taking me
Brent: Can’t. That’s classified information.
Kathy: Why Does it mean you don’t trust me enough to tell me where I am goin?
Brent: No
Kathy: I am going to get out and walk back the way I came.
Brent: I wouldn’t do that.
Kathy: Why?
Brent: Dangerous things afoot
Kathy: I don’t trust some one who will go driving off into nowhere with me and not tell me where we are going.
Brent: I think you should for your own safety.
Kathy: I can’t trust someone who lies. I think I’ll leave.
Brent: I’ve never lied to you.You’ll walk for hours and never get away. We also passed through a gate that you couldn’t see in the down pour of the moment you would also get lost in the massive area that we have covered tonight.
Kathy: Why do I feel that this car ride talk is a threat?
Brent: Because you are refusing to trust me.
Kathy: Why should I trust some who plays with my affections then is driving to some unknown place that is taking hours to get to and won’t tell me what or where it is?
Brent: Because of this.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st page of story


Have you ever experienced a life changing event? Something happened this summer that would affect two people who would go to school together. Their names were Rebecca and more informally know as Becca. Becca has lived in town of Idaho Falls all her life. Becca is a caring, beautiful and smart. Then there is the second person. His name is Matthew. Everyone calls him Matt except his mom. They moved to Idaho Falls over the summer. Matt was a average jock who had a smart brain on his shoulders. They could not know the effect that there meeting would have on each other and their friends. They lived just far enough away that they would not get to know each other until school started. Their groups had been fighting for the longest time ever. One could only speculate the sparks that would fly at school and church with these two people meeting. Some may see it as good others may see it as bad. One just needs to believe in fairy tales and have hope that this story would have a happy ending.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I love to read. I do it when the time presents itself with nothing that requires my attention. When I read I feel I am in a different world. I imagine my self as the character in the book and feel like I can feel what they feel. I love Historical romance novels because history is full of exciting events and with romance you know there is going to be a guy liking a girl so what could be better than a book with lots of history and romance. I want to be able to write a great novel like the authors do. The ideas work together like I want them to. They seem like a jumbled mess that no one would understand. I love the ideas that I get writing. They help me imagine what I would like my world to be like if it were perfect. When you write a story of any kind you have the power to influence the reader. You never know how your writing could effect some ones mood. I want to be a writer so that I can influence the world and deal with the fact that life is not perfect it can help me deal with my stress of everyday life by being the character I am writing about. I once heard from a movie that "a writer is only as good as his own experiences." I would like to change that and say "a writer is only as good as there imagination." If you can imagine it then you can write it.
Dream Imagine Write