Thursday, November 5, 2009

A gift I'd like to give.........

There are many things in the world that you can give as a gift. Some are more tangible than others. The most important gift in the world is love. I would give the gift of love to many people. I would give it to the whole world, though that is not something that is within reason. The gift of love is so important that you should start by giving it to you family, then you can move on and give it to your friends, and last of all you need to give it to your enemies. Giving the gift of love starts right at this moment.

Your family is a very important part of your life. You can’t ignore them. They are a part of everything you do. You may try to separate yourself from them but you still have to traits of belonging to that family. You must love them and give them that gift of love first before you start giving it to other people. If you can’t love you families then you don’t have the ability to love others. Once you have understood the path of love you must have for your family then you can move on and learn how to truly love you friends.

A friend is someone you can count on. The reason you can count on them is because you love each other. By loving it opens all new possibilities. When you can love a friend it opens you mind to the people all around you. When love is shown it is the gateway to new trust. You must believe in the power you have as friends when you love each other. When you love a friend you will be with them when they are happy and also when they are sad. You will support them in whatever they do. That is w a way that you can show love to a friend and make wonders happen. There is also one last person who you must love and they can become a friend in time but they aren’t now.

An enemy is the last person you must give the gift of love. This may well be the hardest person for you to love. Your friends and family are very easy because you already like them but that is not the same way with an enemy .This person has probably hurt you in some way. It will be hard to get past differences and forgive then love them. You must work the hardest to give them these gifts of love that you have given to the other people you know. There are many things that you can lose out on in life if you choose not to love you enemies and to always hold them there in a dark part of your heart. It will make it really difficult to love others because you can't love the one person who you most need to love. Once you can love them you have completed a very an amazing thing that will bless your life.

The gift of love is something very precious. You must use it wisely. If this gift is not used wisely then you can have a very bad ending. Love is something that is cherished and something special between two family member, or two friends, or even two enemies. Once we learn this gift. Then we can move to share it with the world, though, it is a very daunting task. We can focus more on the people we do know and people we meet if. If we have a goal of sharing it with the world it can blow-up in our face because we are too overwhelmed with the task we put ourselves to. We must just remember that love is something special that we are blessed with.


  1. I noticed that this whole essay feels like your kind of preaching to everyone. That we need to give to love to our friends, family, and even enemies or else. It didnt feel to personal. There wasn't anything in it that just made the whole thing pop out to me.

    Now it was a nice essay, love is a very important gift to someone but as I said before I felt like you were trying to persuade everyone to start handing out their love.

    My suggestion is to add yourself into the mix. I want to see you and how you took your own advice in this essay.

  2. As stated by the person above, the essay did sound a little preachy. Sorry, I just want to be helpful. It should be more personal.
    However, your idea and intentions are very good. You believe that love should be expressed to everyone, which is very true (I hope this helps). :)

  3. nice job. I think overall it's a pretty soild start. I think you mostly just need to go through it a few times edit some things, make it flow a litle more. I felt a little shoppy in places.

    However I really liked how you went through the three people you can love. It is all very true. Your family, your friends and your enimies.

    I would suggest explaining and expounding on love evern more (at least in the introduction). Love is such a broad topic that It was a little fuzzy for me, on what you really meant by love until the third of fourth paragraph. I think It would help you reader if you clarify it a little more in the beginning, or even give a few examples.

    but like I said solid start, its a very promising eassy.