Thursday, November 19, 2009

A gift I'd like to draft

I was walking home one night and I looked in on a family. They were so smiling and happy. They had something we have all wanted. It seemed to make life more bearable and there was always someone there to help them with their struggles. Then it came to me they were showing love to each other. The gift of love is something that brings peace and we need to start sharing it with those around us.

Your family is always there to support and help you. We can’t ignore the importance they are in our lives. We need to remember that we can’t let an argument get in the middle of the love our family may share. When we show love we have a feeling of peace and happiness enters the room. The love that is shared in a family is a special kind of love that we must be cherished through the ages. The love that you can feel for a new born baby is so special because they are only small once and they are a fresh spirit from Heavenly Father. Finding love in your family is the most important kind of love but there are also other people you can love.

A friend is someone that needs love. We must remember that no one is above or below us and everyone can be our friend. A friend is not only a human being it is also an animal. Many people say a dog is a man’s best friend. When we cuddle with a new little puppy we can feel of love of a new little friend. A puppy is a best friend because they are such a happy joyful spirit and ready to share their love. We must share our love with them and give them praise and support. By showing love with animals as well as people are hearts will expand.

When we share love with those are around us whether they are on two feet or four feet. The gift of love is something very precious. We must use it wisely and share it with everyone. Love is something that is cherished and something special between family members, friends, and pets. This gift is so beautiful because you can always make more of it for any new person of pet that you meet in your life time. As we develop new love we will feel completeness in our lives that can’t be replace as anything else.


  1. I really liked how you addressed love from different people and how important it is.

  2. What about cats? Just kidding. I liked the image of the family in the opening. I'm a family man myself, but I know a lot of people who don't believe in having kids- only dogs. They treat the dogs like parents treat kids. I'm sure those people would like this essay. Good job. (Your blog is really nice, by the way).