Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hero's Journey: Inkheart

This Movie is about a girl named Meggie and her father Mo. Their Journeys are intertwined mixing with what parts they share.

(Ordinary world)They start out driving to a book store to fix some books and look for a book that is very important to Mo. Meggie has no idea what the book is. She stays outside the book shop looking at a seller’s cart. She meets a funny little animal with horns and feeds it. Then when she tries to rub it, it bites her fingers. Then the owner shows up and warns her. Meggie makes a comment saying that it is not good to talk to strangers. (The Call)He says he is no stranger and it has been a while since he has seen her. Then Mo comes out of the shop and just stares at them then tells Meggie to get in the car. Dustfinger asks for Mo to read him back into the book mo respond with saying he doesn’t know how. (The Refusal of Call)Then he runs away from Dustfinger and leaves him behind. (Meet the mentor)They go to visit Aunt Eleanor to get away from Dustfinger. She collects tons of books. Meggie goes in her forbidden library to look. Eleanor comes in and gets mad. Then she calms down and tells Meggie about her Mom and her favorite reading spot. Then she gives Meggie her mom’s copy of Wizard of Oz. Meggie reads all the way into night. (Crossing the threshold)Then Dustfinger shows up and says he went to Capricorn. Capricorns men ruin the library. Then Meggie asks who all they all are and who Capricorn is. Then Dustfinger asks her if Mo has ever read to her out loud. They drag them out to the car and Meggie reaches for Wizard of Oz, Dustfinger pulls it out for her and she won’t take it so he puts it in his pocket. They go to Capricorns Village. In their confinement Mo tell them the story of how Meggie’s Mom disappears and Dustfinger, Basta, Capricorn came out of the book. (Approach)They get dragged to meet Capricorn and he has them read treasure out of the book. There is a boy that also comes out of the book. They get taken back to their confinement. Dustfinger tries to rescue the copy of Inkheart that Mo had and burns his hands. One of the maids in chains named Resa helps him. He finds out that she is Mo’s wife. (Ordeal)Then Gwinn, a marten with horns, Steels the key to get Resa out of confinement of her chains. He takes her the key. While Dustfinger has gone down to the confinement and show Mo and the others a way out. Mo reads the storm out of Wizard of Oz and they escape the village. The maid Resa is left behind though. (Reward) They go to the author of Inkheart village and find a copy that he has that is an original manuscript. (The road back) Mo and Dustfinger go to rescue Resa out of the Village. Since they are rescuing Resa, Mo agrees to read Dustfinger back. Dustfinger tells Mo about Resa and that she has no voice. In the village they get spotted and have to hurry Dustfinger gets taken. Back at the authors house Meggie reads aloud from Wizard of Oz and Toto comes out. Then Basta comes and takes Meggie back with him and with knowledge that she is a silver tongue. The author also got taken. Capricorn decides to have Meggie read the Shadow out. He uses Meggie’s mother Resa as leverage over her. In their Confinement the author tries to rewrite the end. He finally decides to on the rewrite and Magpie comes to put Meggie in a Party Frock. Mo, Dustfinger, and Farid have a plan of how to get Meggie back with some decoy. They take gasoline and light the Castle on fire. By then the Shadow was out of the book and Meggie had started reading the new ending. It is then taken from her. She has to be a bystander for a while. (Resurrection)Then her father throws her a pen and she rewrites the ending with Capricorn and his men blowing away and all the other animals and people going back to their books. Dustfinger misses it but then Mo reads him back in. (Return with Elixir) Farid stays behind to live with Meggie, Mo, and Resa. They Return to their lives with knowledge of what they can do and a happy family.

Hero: Meggie, Mo

Mentor: Eleanor

Trickster: Dustfinger

Shadow is the Shadow

Herald: Dustfinger

Shapeshifter: Capricorn


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  2. It was interesting to see the plot broken down like this. Thanks!

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