Saturday, January 2, 2010

Treatment for MY STORY

Ordinary World: Kate is a normal high school senior getting ready for college and hanging out with her friends.
Call to Adventure: There is a new kid at school she becomes friends with and goes out with. Then she pass's out in one of her classes.
Refusal of the Call: She will not accept the fact of who she is in the magical world and what she has to accomplish.
Meet the Mentor: Her brothers best friend helps her to learn the magic that she needs to fight after convincing her that this is normal and okay.
Testing, Allies and Enemies: They set traps and look at past records to see who they can trust.
Approach: gathering together all of those who are on there side and want to fight evil.
Ordeal: She has to fight against the war lord of the evil side and in the end the good comes out on top.
Reward: They have destroyed the evil war lord and can go back to how there lives used to be without the threat of some one wanting to take over.
Road back: They have to set everything at rights and make it look like no battle ever happened to avoid suspicion from Mortals.
Resurrection: Kate is given a drink that has poisons so strong she should die. Through the help and efforts of everyone she is healed.
Return with Elixir: They return to the normal world without anyone hurt and with the knowledge of how to defeat evil.

Hero: Kate
Mentor: Zach, Brother's Best Friend
Threshold Guardian: Mom & Dad
Herald: Ethan, Kate's Brother
Shapeshifter: Ryan, War Lord, kid from school
Shadow: Ryan's Evil army
Trickster: Danielle, War Lord's Sister

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