Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Remember California

I remember the big tree
Green and leafy
I remember the big hill
It was in our backyard
We never climbed to the top
It was over run with dead weeds
And perhaps a few toys and plants
I remember Knob Hill Elementary
I went there for kindergarten and first grade
I remember coloring a piece of paper
They made of quilt for my teacher of all the class pictures
I remember my elementary librarian
She didn’t have one hand
I remember the red line
We weren’t suppose to pass it
I remember my first fire drill
I was after school with my mom and a teacher
I remember the park behind my school
I remember going to Sea World on a field trip
The Bright sunshine
The t-shirts we got to wear the said K-1
I remember my grandma’s house
We liked to pick slugs out of her front flower beds
They were put in sand buckets
I remember stage coach park
The best part was the huge state coach
Then they got rid of it
It must have been to dangerous
I remember the end of first grade
I remember my dad was no longer in California
I remember have the end of year party at the park
We had lots of fun
That was the last I saw of any of my classmates
They moved on and went to Knob Hill Elementary
And then I moved to Utah


  1. HAHAHA! i love the ending...and then I moved to Utah..greatt!!

  2. i like the thoughts but it would give it more of a poetry if you started every line with the i remember. goo job.