Thursday, October 8, 2009

Journal Entry

The Women in Black (#13)

“Why? Why did you have to take him from me?” She is feeling as though all her problems before this are nothing to what she is going through right now. She can’t believe that the person most important in the world to her is gone. As if in a Flash she remembers that horrible night in which everything happened. That one day that changed her life forever.

The sea was rolling. The Captain had been predicting the storm for days. It was slow in coming though. The all to suddenly the sea was rolling. The waves were huge as if there were monsters roaring out of the sea. The sky blackened over and then the rain came pelting down. The top deck was the worst place to be and the ship was in utter chaos. She and her husband were going to the New World to escape religious persecution. Everyone was dripping in sea water. They were hurrying across deck as fast as they could so they could get down the hatch. She was going down in the hatch as fast as she possibly could. Then a wave struck the side of the ship throwing her husband over board and her onto the uncomfortable floor of the bottom of the ship. Then she blacked out.

She awoke the next morning in a daze climbing up to the deck. The sky was peaceful. There was not an angry cloud in sight. She dissolved in tears thinking of what she had lost. She had lost the last person who cared about her to the sea last night. She had no family in England that would take her in. Her parent had disowned her because she had married a man that she loves and not some rich wealthy Englishman who was the social status her parents wanted. The memory dissolves.

She is back on the beach kneeling on the ground crying. There is nothing that can bring her husband back from the sea. She must come to terms with that and work her own way through life. She can’t become some weak little women who won’t stand up for herself.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this peice. It was deep and sad.

  2. Sad. But I just didnt feel very connected witht he piece. I think that it was too much, when her parents disowned her. But very good :)

  3. Oh its so sad! but it makes you feel i loved it.

  4. wow, that was really sad and emotional, but you came up with a really good story plot :)