Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wrong Number Book launch

Rachelle Christensen has a new exciting book coming out called Wrong Number. She is celebrating this awesome release with blog launch party. This is the cover to her awesome book.

When you enter at the various at her blog you have a a chance to go on and wind the Office Box and a copy of her book Wrong Number. The Office box is part of the Original Scrapbox collection that you can enjoy. You can visit Rachelle's blog here and learn how to enter and win. You can also view the book trailer on You-Tube. Wrong Number Book Trailer


  1. Elizabeth,
    I can't find the book trailer link. Am I missing it?

  2. Thanks for entering the contest! Remember to get the full 15 points for the blog contest, you'll need to post the actual book trailer. Grab the embed code from YouTube and paste it right into your blog. :)
    Good luck!